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You want the write price

I get it.
But, in copywriting, everything depends on the project.

So let's see some practical examples

Scenario 1️⃣

A one-page biography + a one-page press release for a creator's new project should be ready in a week; most info is provided + only minimum research is needed. 


You can expect a bill of approximately EUR 100. 
Scenario 2️⃣

A 1000-word blog post on a tech subject is urgently needed for the day after tomorrow; all research is on my side.


On avarage, I'd charge EUR 150 for this sort of assignment.  
Scenario 3️⃣

A series of 5 social media posts is requested for an NGO's activism campaign with delivery next month; some info is provided but the rest of the research is on my side.


Most likely, I'd quote EUR 200 for the whole bundle.  

projects I take on start at the EUR 100 threshold.

But if you put me on a monthly retainer,
we can always negotiate the write price. 
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Does the offer sound write?

Then get in touch!

(+34) 685 440 613

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