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Hi, I'm Saba

I'm the face behind Out of This Word. 

People say I'm a professional rebel and an untamed volcano of ideas who loves collaborating on meaningful projects. I'd like to think I'm just a curious human being.


But it's true that all I do is think about words.


Despite the brand's name, my copywriting adventure started in a very down-to-earth way. So there is no 'Pulitzer-Prize-winning-' or 'note-scribbling-on-a-napkin-at-a-café-' story to tell (yet).

It's just me, my laptop and the write words.

Editable Text On Torn Note Paper Daily Instagram Post (8).png

So here are some fun facts about me instead


Fact #1

I have a degree in


So I always ensure that

my editing and proofreading

are done write.


My copywriting debut was

with Amnesty International.

I wrote about 

corporate responsibility

in aviation.

Fact #2


I am a certified

English teacher.


So I take my

word choices

pretty seriously.

Fact #3


Fact #4

I know a thing or two about

digital marketing.

I used to work

as a social media manager,


IMG_2613 2.jpg

Fact #5

I have the best copywriting ideas

in unlikely circumstances.

They include hiking,

wine tasting or

riding a rollercoaster.


Fact #6

I like to experiment with my

copywriting from time to time.

Once, I wrote a lipogram

without the vocal "a" for

my LinkedIn profile.

IMG_2569 2.JPG

Fact #7

My favourite word​ of all time 

is "truant".

I don't know why - 

I really liked going to school

as a kid. 

IMG_2584 2.JPG

Fact #8

I am a huge fan of all kinds 

of word games. 


I'm mildly obsessed

with 'Wordle'.

Are we the write match? 
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