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Hi, I'm Saba
I'm a freelance copy- and content writer
& communications professional

I work remotely with creative brands and social enterprises

around the world.

I specialise in the middle- & longer-form content, both

byline & as a ghostwriterMy signature pieces are

compelling, informative blog postsI believe in crafting relatable stories instead of personalised ads.


I also offer editing and proofreading services.


I'm #teamflatwhite, ready to defend "The NeverEnding Story"

as the best movie of all time. By any means necessary. 


And I definitely have to stop

overusing the word "definitely" ;)

Topics & industries

"Extreme ironing - is it even a sport?"

"Benefits of chia vs other edible seeds"

"How can fashion reduce its carbon footprint?"

"10 ways to boost your LinkedIn profile"

"To NFT or not to NFT - that is the question!"

Any topic. You name it.

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Three things I do write

Content types & writing techniques

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Firing up a new sneakers campaign?

I'll do your press release


Prepping to network in an elite professional group?

Let me write your bio.


Need a fun listicle for your products/services?

Yep, that's my department, too. 

Time spent on research

No matter if a Wikipedia-worth

of content has already been written

about it.

Or if the job involves combing through

countless TED talks, podcasts

and YouTube tutorials.

I'll become an expert on your chosen topic. 

So you don't have to. 

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Let my write thing impress you


The SEO magic

Crafting blog posts that cut through the noise,

landing as #1 search results on Google.

Still wondering about hiring me?

Then hear me out*

*This playlist does not represent my taste in music :)

Think we could be the write match?

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